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CEDIA AWARD Finalists 2016Seven Integration are an award winning home technology company that specialise in delivering intelligent, entertaining homes throughout London and the South East.

 Working closely with private clients, architects, designers and developers we deliver solutions for residential properties around the UK and abroad specialising in – home cinema rooms – audio & video distribution – multi-room music – lighting design & control – climate control, door entry – CCTV – data networks.

We then bring all of these systems, plus many more, into a fully integrated and easy to use solution that you can control from your tablet or smart phone anywhere you have an internet connection.


From our initial discussions with you we will collaborate and inspire you with ideas for your home automation system that will make your life more simple and more convenient


The design stage of a project is run by your Project Manager who will be responsible for translating your home technology requirements and audio visual dream list into a workable solution that meets your budget.


Our team of installers will bring all the elements of your home automation system together and get them all working in harmony then show you how simple it is to enjoy managing and controlling your home.


We have built our company on relationships created over many years, many houses and many, many updates and upgrades. We continue to support clients that we designed and installed “smart” home solutions for back in 2003!

our work

Over the past 13 years we’ve had the chance to work on some amazing home cinema and home automation projects. Here are a selection of some of our favourite ones.

We have a number of clients who are happy to meet with potential clients to share their experiences with Seven Integration and show off the high standard of work we always strive to achieve.

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who we are

We started as a small team who believed our infatuation with technology would shine through in what we did for you. We’re still the same team but it’s what you have done for us that has made us grow from two brothers to a brotherhood. Now, we spread our tech obsession to every corner of your home, in return you spread the word of our unique way to work to everyone you know.

We’re just hard working friends who spend our days immersed in technology, and we’re not complaining, as we love it. This enthusiasm translates into producing home automation solutions that make living in your home a pleasure, as you deserve systems that put you in control of every aspect of your home, whether that be lighting, heating, music or movies.

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