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We know how vital it is that your smart home system is always functioning just as it should. That’s why we offer comprehensive service agreements to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

You choose what level of service you want

Choose what level of service you want:



(inc VAT) 12 month min term

24/7 support with top priority home support



(inc VAT) 12 month min term

24/7 support with priority home support



Happy to wait and pay for support when required

Remote support24/7 Phone email and chat support
Typical engineer response time 15-30 mins 15-30 mins 1-2 business days
Proactive monitoring and remote repair
Remote support No charge No charge
Small programming changes No charge £25/15 mins £25/15 mins
On-site Support Typical response time 24 hrs 3-5 business days 1-2 weeks
Onsite-support hourly rate (existing clients) £75 (No call out fee) £100 1st hour. £75 / hr after £195 1st hr. £75 / hr after
Additional benefits Annual service included
Control4 4Sight license subscription
Though a Seven Integration service agreement is not compulsory, we do consider our Standard Plan to be an essential requirement for all systems, with the Premium Plan offering an extra layer of service and support for clients who would like added reassurance that any potential system downtime is reduced to the bare minimum.

Support & Maintenance Tabs

Our Premium Plan gives you all the benefits and peace of mind of our Standard Plan, plus added benefits. If you require a home visit then this will typically be carried out within 24hrs and you get billed hourly at preferential, discounted rates over and above those offered to Standard Plan customers and Opt-out customers with no call-out fee.

You also receive a Control4 4Sight license.

To cover the setup costs and hardware we require a 12 month minimum term, auto-renewing direct debit to be set up which you can cancel after 12 months by emailing us.

Our Standard Plan gives you proactive monitoring of your network, home automation and AV system. We will proactively monitor your technology solution and oftentimes troubleshoot potential issues before they arise. On the odd occasion when something does go wrong you have a dedicated number to call, online chat, or text, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, where a team of experienced engineers are waiting to help. 75% of the time your issue can be solved it this point, however there are times when a home visit is required. If that is the case then we will book a visit to you at the next available time.

If you are on a Standard Plan then you get priority over anyone that does not have a plan and your visit will be booked in as soon as we can fit you in – usually within 5 working days.

To cover the setup costs and hardware we require a 12 month minimum term, auto-renewing direct debit to be set up which you can cancel after 12 months by emailing us.

For those that prefer to work on an “as required” basis, don’t worry, we are still here for you, you just may have to wait a little longer and accept that we do not answer calls outside of office hours. You will pay a bit more for site visits, but we will usually get to you within 10 days.

The Detail

Remote supportThere is no remote support if you opt-out of one of our service agreement plans. When you agree to a service plan we install a piece of hardware that allows us access to your system and gives us some control over items within it.

Engineer response times: These are typical response times and not guaranteed. We will ALWAYS try to get out to you as quick as we can, but have to respond to the clients who are on a higher priority service plan first. This could mean, if you opt out, that you could be waiting more than a week for us to be able to schedule a service visit to your home.

Minimum term: is 12 months. This is simply to cover the cost of setting you up on our remote service system. Payments are paid by direct debit and once the initial 12 months are complete you can cancel at any time.

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