Lighting Control Systems. The space between “off” and “on”.

There was a time when lighting in a home was all about the function. Lights on or lights off. Lighting is now a part of your decor where it can enhance every activity and experience, creating ambiance and reflecting moods at the touch of a button.

Whether you want to control the lighting in a single room or have a whole home Lutron Homeworks QS system, Seven Integration can work with your lighting designer making the control as simple as pressing a button on your iPhone, iPad, laptop, even through your TV! The iPad App allows you to very simply set scenes yourself rather than pay a programmer to come and do it for you. Home control has never been so simple to use.

Energy Efficiency

There is no question that controlling light helps reduce our impact on the wider environment, cutting power consumption and increasing the life of light bulbs. But unlike most energy efficiency measures, installing lighting control into your London or Surrey home actually increases the experience, style and coolness.

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