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Connected Home – Wired & Wireless Data Networks

The connected home is rapidly approaching. As more and more devices become hooked up to the internet and cloud based storage meets the mass market your data network, wired and wireless, is going to become the cornerstone of your home. A network that is not up to the job is going to cause frustration and disappointment with systems not responding or working as you should expect them too.

Streaming music, video on demand, gaming, energy management and home health are all going to be making demands on your network so it is important that you have a stable, reliable network installed. Seven Integration’s IT specialists do just that, they design and install home networks that will ensure your are not let down by unreliable hardware or a network that is not capable of the demands it will meet in just a year or two.

Telephony – VOIP

An IP based residential telephone system is a standard requirement in any large home. Transferring calls, intercom facilities, door & gate entry, the modern phone system can handle all of this and more. If you travel a lot we can set your system up so that making a call on your mobile from overseas to a UK number is charged as a local call rather than an international. If you are on holiday and somebody calls at your house you can receive that call on you mobile and see who is at the gate or door, talk to them and either let them in or rearrange the delivery.

Your telephone system is just another part of your connected home that can be integrated to interact with a control system, security, CCTV…