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London, Surrey and Sussex. Award winning bespoke home cinema systems, bringing a large screen format to the privacy of your home.

Having Seven Integration install a dedicated home cinema (or theatre, they are the same thing) for you is one of life’s luxuries. Whether it’s a multi-purpose family room or the pinnacle of technology in a 3D dedicated home cinema or gaming room, every bespoke cinema installation is a design created for you by our team of highly skilled and CEDIA qualified home cinema installers.

Ensuring you are getting the most out of your home cinema system is important to us. There are globally recognised guidelines for the positioning of everything from seats to speakers and screens, and various tools to calibrate the image displayed and the sound created. Your home theater system will be calibrated to the highest level achievable by your components often surpassing your local multiplex.

Once all our work is done the real fun begins as you and your family enjoy pin sharp high definition images, accompanied by stunning soundtracks that will immerse you in a world of action, adventure, romance – what ever genre takes your fancy. And if you don’t want all those disks lying around getting damaged we can in stall a hard-drive server based system that will store all your movies, keeping them safe and easily accessible.

Seven Integration install bespoke home cinema systems in London, Surrey and Sussex

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