Multi-room, multi-source, multi-media systems

The ease and convenience of having your music, movie and satellite media available through a single multiroom system integrated into your home is the answer to many family’s dreams.

A multi room, multi source system, allows you to have your music, move and satellite sources distributed throughout your home from a central multi-room system controllable in every room from built in keypads in your walls, programmable touch screen remote controls or even iPhones and iPads.  Multi-room systems installed by Seven Integration allow for different media sources to be played simultaneously from any enabled room within the home.

In ceiling speakers make a discreet music system, and storing your media on a hard drive or in the cloud keeps it safe and damage free and always accessible from any multi-room enabled space. Plus, the quality of your central system is reproduced in every room – so buying a good quality central system means you have a good quality system in every room.

How much does it cost?

For budgeting purposes, a typical 6 room, 6 source multi-room audio system using Bowers & Wilkins in-ceiling speakers starts at around £3800 plus installation. A Linn DS based audio system will cost from about £1200 per room, depending on the level of performance you require.