Basement Cinema, Hampshire

A phenomenal home cinema with 3D surround sound, D-Box seating and  full acoustic treatment.

This home cinema for a family in Hampshire was one of those projects that you dream of. A basement being dug for the sole purpose of creating a home cinema and clients that had the vision and aspiration to create a room that has very little compromise. The planning stages were extensive with 3D visuals being created, CAD drawings and samples for everything from wall coverings to carpet and ceiling finishes.

CEDIA AWARD Finalists 2016

We are thrilled to announce that this superb home cinema has been recognised by CEDIA of being of such a high standard that it is a finalist in the 2016 CEDIA Awards, and international award ceremony including Europe, Middle East, Africa, CIS and Russia, India Russia and Pakistan.

3D surround sound

The result is a home cinema with 18 speaker and two subwoofers creating a 3D surround sound system that, thanks to the Datasat processing and amplification, can handle Atmos and Auro formats.

3D surround sound

cinema seats

The seats, built to order in the States, are heated and give a massage! But that’s not even the best thing about them. D-Box seats move and vibrate in sync with the on screen action and audio to fully engage the senses.

Home Cinema Seating


Every aspect of the phenomenal home cinema can be controlled via smart phone, or tablet as well as traditional remote controls from Control4. The lighting adjusts brightness levels as well as hues to create the perfect movie viewing ambience, all at the touch of a button.

Home cinema installation

You guys are amazing!

- Mr Z