Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4

Blogs around the world are packed with rumours, overheard conversations and anonymous comments regarding what the new games console will bring when it is launched (2nd half of 2013?). 3D gaming at 1080p resolution is a given as much as anything can be a given before launch, the name of the unit will apparently be “Orbis” meaning circle or ring – again, unconfirmed.

What is really interesting (at least in my world) is that Sony apparently intends to build in an “anti-used game restriction”. Not only will   you not be able to play PS3 games on your new box, but you will not be able to play your mates games when he has completed them and/or got bored. According to several blogs, new games will be available either on a BluRay disk or as download through your Play Station Network (PSN) account. Disks must be registered to a PSN account before the game can be played, saved or downloaded.


It seems that further restrictions will be in place to stop gamers being able to play their purchase offline. Your PSN account will need to be online and active to get started. The market for used games will also be put under pressure as Sony will only allow a limited portion of the game to be played even with an active PSN account, unless you pay a fee to have the full game unlocked.

It all seems quite draconian to me and a blatant revenue generator at the expense of the loyal gamer. Anyone with teenage boys in their house will be aware of the difficulties that online gaming can cause to a home wifi network, fortunately in our household there are only a few games that need to be played online. If Sony is going to insist that every game is played “connected” then there are going to need to be some improvements in both the bandwidth supplied to a home and the internal infrastructure.

Gaming, music downloads...

The demands on our home networks are becoming greater at a pace too fast for the providers to keep up. Gaming, music downloads, catch-up TV and social networking are all eating up bandwidth, and with so many devices being on a home network, that router you got for free from your ISP is going to meet it’s performance ceiling before long. And with so many devices fighting for a limited wifi bandwidth there are going to be some frustrated home owners before long.

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