Why install home automation systems. Property Developers

Property developers, why install home automation systems in your upcoming projects?

Read on to discover the numerous benefits that integrated systems can bring to both developers and homebuyers.

Enhancing the appeal and marketability of your development

Partnering with Seven Integration offers numerous advantages to property developers and their projects. First and foremost, integrating smart home and audio-visual systems significantly enhances the appeal and marketability of your development. In today’s technology-driven world, homebuyers actively seek out properties that offer modern amenities and advanced technologies. By incorporating these integrated systems, you can differentiate your projects from competitors and attract buyers who value convenience, connectivity, and a high-quality living experience.

Advantages of partnering with Seven Integration

Collaborating with Seven Integration offers a distinct advantage to property developers by providing potential buyers with modern, connected living spaces. Our partnership begins early on, during the planning and design stages, where we ensure that the infrastructure within the fabric of the property supports seamless integration of home automation and AV systems. Our expertise lies in creating scalable and flexible solutions that can be customised to meet future homeowners’ unique requirements and preferences.
Our comprehensive assistance extends to integrating a wide range of solutions into development properties, including lighting and shading controls, climate management, and entertainment systems. Our primary objective is to deliver a cohesive, user-friendly experience that enhances the project’s comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. When a more personalised approach is desired, we can also help developers design and implement immersive audio-visual systems such as home cinemas, media rooms, and multi-room audio setups, elevating the entertainment experience for your clients.

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CEDIA Member of Excellence

As proud members of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) and recipients of the prestigious CEDIA Member of Excellence designation, we bring professionalism and industry recognition that sets us apart for every client and every project. Our CEDIA membership demonstrates our commitment to upholding industry standards, staying at the forefront of technological advancements, and adhering to best practices in home automation and AV integration.

Being a CEDIA Member of Excellence is a testament to our expertise, dedication, and reliability. It signifies that we have undergone rigorous training, met stringent qualifications, and consistently delivered outstanding solutions to our clients. By partnering with a CEDIA Member of Excellence like Seven Integration, property developers can trust that they are working with a trusted and reputable company that can meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations.

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Over two decades experience

Furthermore, with over 20 years of expertise in home automation and AV integration, we excel in optimising space utilisation while preserving the design aesthetics of the homes. We assist developers in carefully selecting and installing high-quality and reliable products and systems that align with your budget and timeline. Our experienced team ensures that the integration process is executed seamlessly, minimising disruptions during construction and ensuring timely project completion. Ultimately, partnering with Seven Integration allows property developers to provide turnkey home automation and audio-visual solutions that add significant value to the new homes. This can lead to increased buyer satisfaction, positive word-of-mouth, and potentially higher property resale values.

Strong, proven track record

At Seven Integration, we have a strong track record of successful collaborations with property developers on various residential projects across the South East, enriching homes with cutting-edge technology. For example, we currently work closely with a developer to design two home technology specification levels to suit different home spec requirements. These standardised systems offer cost certainty from the earliest budgeting stage, enabling the developer’s team to plan with confidence. The solutions we install also provide the flexibility for the ultimate homeowner to expand and customise the system according to their individual needs without any additional cost to the developer. Finally, a subscription-based support package offers 24/7 support, 365 days a year.

On time and on budget

Each collaboration with Seven Integration is tailored to the specific needs and vision of the developer, ensuring that the integration process aligns seamlessly with the project timeline and budget. We have a proven track record of successful collaborations with property developers, delivering outstanding results that exceed expectations. So, to all property developers who question why install home automation systems in your next project, it’s simply the smart thing to do! Trust Seven Integration to elevate your development with advanced home automation and AV solutions.

Look no further than Seven Integration, a trusted partner with over two decades of experience seamlessly integrating intelligent home automation and audio-visual systems into new residential developments.

Why not give us a call and see how we can elevate your next project?

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