Lutron Launches QSX and Alisse Keypads

Homeworks QS gets an upgrade and new keypads

As part of a huge overhaul of the Lutron Homeworks QS product range, the Global lighting control systems manufacturer has launched Homeworks QSX. As you would expect, there are lots of changes in the background, that many customers would never be aware of, but part of the launch is the new Alisse keypad.

Elegant Design

Lutron’s Alisse is an elegant, balanced, and versatile wall control that is designed to work seamlessly with Lutron HomeWorks. You can choose from a range of button configurations to meet the needs of the space and select a finish from the new Lutron Signature Metal Collection to complement the interior style.


The Alisse keypads come in several configuration options. Single column, dual column, and triple column, with each column having a maximum of 3 rows. So the maximum amount of buttons you can achieve is 9 buttons on one keypad. But the really great thing about these keypads, for installers, is the fact that whichever option you go for, they all fit a single gang metal backbox and they all have the same electronics that fits within that backbox. So if a client has a single button keypad, then a year down the road decides that actually, they want the 9 button option, you can just change the faceplate, everything else remains. No chiseling out walls, no expensive electronics, just a new faceplate.

Button Engraving

Lutron still offers custom engraving to label the button however you wish, with graphics as well as lettering. Precisely etched and then backfilled with a complimentary ink, Alisse wall controls allow you to personalise the labeling for each button giving exclusively personalised light control.

Lutron have launched an exclusive new range of finishes, only available to Alisse. With eleven options available to choose from.



Alisse keypads are available to order now, however, they only work with HomeWorks QSX systems, so for existing customers, that means an upgrade.

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