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Look for answers to your questions here. We have years and years of experience at designing and installing smart home technology into people's homes and have probably been asked any questions you may have before. So we have built a frequently asked questions page to help you build up some knowledge before you contact a home technology professional. If you can't find the answer here, then get in touch.

Questions about smart home automation

  1. What is home automation?
    Home automation is the process of enabling the systems within a property to automated. The earliest form of home automation would have been back in the days when wealthy households would have had a servant to light the fires and open the curtains. We now have “digital servants” that do this work for us. The term “home automation” or “smart home” has come to mean more generally, the control of electronic, “connected” devices over a home network, either by app or control system.
  2. How much will a home automation system cost?
    It could be free! Smart devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home allow you to enable a string of activation commands that control your connected devices. So for example, when I ask Alexa to turn the TV off, that may also trigger a command to turn the lights off (if I have a lighting system that works with Alexa). However, these systems are a little hit and miss and take a bit of setting up, and even then are not particularly “smart”.

    For a home control system like Crestron or Control4, both of which can control any electrical device you have that either plugs-in or is on your network, then it can be as little as £1000 for a single room. Equally, it can run into tens of thousands of pounds depending on how many devices you want to control, in how many rooms.

Questions about home cinema

  1. What is the difference between a home cinema and a media room?
    When we talk about home cinema, we are generally talking about a dedicated room with a single purpose. A media room is slightly different in that it is a multi-purpose space that you can enjoy a movie in, but may also be a living room or part of an open-plan space. The design and performance principles are the same but with a media room a home cinema designer will realise that there will need to be some compromise – in a home cinema, we always strive to reach certain technical performance parameters with as little compromise as possible.
  2. How big should my home cinema room be?
    The temptation is to build a huge room that can seat 20 or 30 people and think that you can do it for £5k. the reality is that when you double the size of the room you roughly quadruple the budget. The more people you want to seat, the more seats you need and so the more floor space. The further back you are seated the bigger the screen will need to be and when you increase the size of the screen, you must balance that with a better projector capable of projecting an image onto the screen.
  3. How big should my screen be?
  4. How far away should I sit from my screen?

Questions about audio visual systems

  1. What are the best speakers?
    You could argue that there is no “best speaker”. The best speaker is the right one for the location and performance expectations. Putting a pair of Wilson Audio Master Chronosonic floorstanding speakers @ $685,000 in your tiny spare room would make them unusable and you could argue that using some speakers at just 1% of their cost would give more enjoyment. So, not wanting to avoid answering the question, but the best speaker is the right speaker for the location and use. And knowing that only comes from years of installing speakers into homes.
  2. How many speakers do I need in my room?

Questions about lighting design and lighting control

  1. What is lighting control?
  2. Do I need to re-wire my house?
  3. What does a lighting designer do?

Questions about home technology design and installation

  1. When should I contact a home technology professional for my new build project?
  2. Can I do it myself?

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