OFFER! Trade in your pre-amplifier

get 10% off any Linn DSM Player

OFFER! Trade in your pre-amplifier and get 10% off any Linn DSM Player

Following the announcement to end production of Linn’s analogue pre-amplifiers, we now have a special trade-in offer to enable our customers to upgrade to the higher performance, additional functionality and future upgrade possibilities of Linn DSM.

For a limited time, our customers can trade in any pre-amplifier, whether it’s from Linn or another manufacturer, and receive 10% off any Linn DSM player*.


Linn’s analogue pre-amplifiers


Fancy a demo so you can hear the significant performance difference that a Linn DSM will make to your system? Whether you listen to analogue or digital sources, there are a host of other benefits as well.

The offer will end on 14th August 2015 so contact us today on 01306 621144 for more information.

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