Linn DS Free Gifts

Linn DS Free Gifts

What better way is there to spend those cold dark evenings at home than to snuggle up on your favourite arm-chair and listen to some amazing music? As a special New Year gift, Seven Integration can give you even more reasons to listen to your music through a Linn DS. The offer runs until 18th February so you need to have your order in to us before that date. Here’s what you get:

Speaker on a stand in a lounge

Majik DS

Any customer purchasing a Mjik DS network player before 18th Feb will also get £100 of Linn Records music vouchers to buy Studio Master albums and listen to your music as it was intended to be heard.

Akurate DS

Customers buying an Akurate DS will get £300 of Linn Records music vouchers, plus one year’s subscription to Spotify and a year’s subscription to movie streaming service Netflix. And just to make sure you can watch the 100’s of movies available on Netflix, we’ll even throw in an Apple TV which has Netflix built in.

Klimax DS

For those lucky enough to be considering a Klimax DS the record vouchers are increased to £800. You still get the one year subscription to Spotify and Netflix and the Apple TV, BUT we’ll add an Apple Mac Mini to the offer so that you have somewhere to store all those beautiful studio master files.

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