Linn Akurate Exakt 5* Review

We already know the Akurate Exakt system is a superb sounding system, but it’s nice when our own beliefs get replicated by the Hifi Press.

What Hi-Fi, the UK’s premier hifi magazine, has awarded Linn’s Akurate Exakt System featuring Exakt Akudorik a for ‘class-leading precision and clarity, cohesive presentation and a neat, classy package.’

Reviewer, Ketan Bharadia, was extremely impressed with his first hands-on experience with Exakt. Here’s some of the highlights from the review:

“In many ways this is an astonishing system. We can’t think of an alternative that delivers a sound with such detail and focus.”

“It’s a fast sound, magnificently agile and as articulate as you like”

“We’re struck by the system’s direct presentation…makes the efforts of even the best passive speakers we’ve heard sound blurred and soft in comparison.”

“It’s nicely made, exotically engineered and designed with a flexible approach to ensure it delivers in as wide a range of environments as possible. We wished more high-end manufacturers would take a similar view.”

Call us for a demonstration of this 5* system.