Control 4 / Yale Real Living Lock

Control 4 / Yale Real Living Lock

We’ve just installed our Yale Real Living Door Lock integrated with our Control 4 control system. “A Yale Lock integrated within a home control system?” I hear you ask. Yes indeed.

The Yale Real Living Dead Bolt is a clever lock that is motorised and accessed either though a traditional key or a pin number – or if you’re installer is really clever a small key fob that can sit on your key ring!

Yale Real Living Lock

The Lock

But because this lock isn’t just a lock but part of your integrated home control solution, when you enter your pin it can set a welcome scene turning lights on, the TV on and to your favourite channel even play a welcome message! Other features include being able to lock or unlock the door from any web enabled device through your Control 4 “4 Sight” account, track a log of when people have entered through the door and allocated dedicated pin numbers to individuals with time based activation and deactivation.


Perfect for a pool house, shed or garage door. Or, for entry to our amazing home cinema demonstration room in Surrey.

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