UltraViolet to shut down on 31st July 2019.

You need to act now!

If you have movies sitting in the cloud under the "UltraViolet" banner then you need to take action. There are various rights issued being sorted out, but it may mean that your library has to be spread across various providers as different companies negotiate different rights. The promise of your entire movie library being available wherever and whenever you want may turn out to be the kind of promise that comes out of Westminster! You need to act now to save your movie library.

If you own a Kaleidescape system

Kaleidescape has also announced that it will disconnect from the UltraViolet service on 31st May. However, Kaleidescape owners have been reassured on the Kaleidescape website that any movies linked from your UltraViolet library with your Kaleidescape server will still be available in your Kaleidescape library regardless of where you purchased them provided that your Kaleidescape Movie Store account is linked to your UltraViolet account before the cut-off date of 31st May 2019.

What you need to do

To link your UltraViolet library with your Kaleidescape library go to the UltraViolet website and login to your account. Click on Retailer Services and from there you can link your account. You must do this before 31st May 2019.

Those that do not own a Kaleidescape system can still download their content to a hard drive through Flixster UK

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