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Seven Integration

Seven Integration Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to all services and products provided by Audio 7 Limited trading as Seven Integration, hereafter referred to as Seven Integration All work carried out by Seven Integration is done so on the understanding that the client has agreed to the Terms & Conditions as set out below.

  1. Technical and System Design Seven Integration commits to supply:
    1. Such specifications, drawings, diagrams and cable or equipment samples as listed within the agreed estimate and as necessary to install equipment supplied.
    2. Appropriate training and/or operating instruction manuals to enable the client to use the equipment successfully.
    3. A knowledgeable and trained member of staff to deal with other contractors, designers, etc. – charged hourly at our “Project Management” rate. See separate table of rates.
  2. Deliveries and Installation Seven Integration will confirm delivery and installation dates at the time an order is received subject to:
    1. Obtaining necessary technical approval from the client or his/her representative.
    2. Receipt of advance payment as detailed in the agreed estimate.
    3. In the case of commercial clients, an official purchase order.
    4. In the event of delays caused by the client, or third parties (e.g. planning permission problems, delays, due to Main Contractor) Seven Integration shall arrange appropriate insurance and storage of the equipment at the client’s risk and expense.
    5. Confirmed delivery dates represent Seven Integration’s best estimates. Unless specifically agreed in writing (at the time of order) no liability will be accepted for failure to meet these dates. Seven Integration will, of course, do everything they can to ensure that they meet these dates, and if they materially fail to do so, then they will lend, without charge, equipment of similar specification, or as close as is available.
    6. The liability of Seven Integration for any loss or damage to equipment ceases on delivery of that equipment to the agreed site or venue.
    7. The location(s) for the equipment should be cleared in advance by the customer or his contractor, please also insure that access to all areas needed for cabling have easy access. Should this not be completed Seven Integration will carry out the work at current ‘Labour’ rates.
    8. A standard ‘no charge’ installation will include delivery, unpacking and connecting of all supplied equipment only.
    9. Chargeable work includes but is not limited to lifting carpets, drilling holes, complex cable runs, additional equipment supplied by other parties, fitting equipment in customer supplied cabinets, complex AV systems.
    10. All chargeable work will be invoiced at current hourly rate as indicated on your agreed estimate.
    11. Seven Integration will lift carpets and drill holes where required, but are not specialist carpet fitters, cabinetmakers or decorators. We will carry out the work to a high standard, however it may be necessary for you to engage a specialist to make good after our work is complete.
    12. Installations of a complex nature may require site preparation visits to ensure that adequate preparations are made prior to the installation. This will be charged at current rates unless otherwise agreed previously and confirmed in writing.
    13. All packaging will be tidied for collection by the customer’s refuse disposal service.
  3. Change Order Process A documented change order process shall be used to get agreement between Seven Integration and the client for any change to the agreed specification and detail:
    1. A detailed description of the change
    2. The benefits offered by that change
    3. The effect it may have on schedule
    4. Impact on cost and resources
    5. The effect of doing nothing
  4. Guarantee Seven Integration guarantees equipment supplied by themselves to the extent that:
    1. They detail in their agreed estimate. All equipment sold as “new” are guaranteed under manufacturer’s warrantee which can be confirmed on request. Ex-demonstration or “display” stock is guaranteed for one year from the date of substantial completion.
    2. Any failure of equipment due to installation work carried out by Seven Integration shall be the responsibility of Seven Integration.… that is providing …
      1. All liability shall cease in the event of the equipment being physically damaged, modified or otherwise adapted by any party other than Seven Integration, and agent approved in writing by Seven Integration or the Manufacturer
      2. The equipment is operated within the terms of the agreed estimate, under the specified operating conditions.
      3. Any cabling or installation work carried out by anyone other than Seven Integration has been carried out in accordance with the documented specification issued with the cable supplied.
      4. All work after six calendar months from substantial completion, within warranty or not, shall be subject to a service visit if a site visit is required, unless otherwise covered by a prior service agreement.
      5. Seven Integration accepts no liability for costs incurred by the client in repairing equipment without their written consent.
      6. This guarantee in no way affects the statutory rights of the client.
  5. Payment Terms
    1. All estimates are valid for 30 days only. Any job may be subject to a reasonable surcharge if delayed by the client or by a third-party, for such time that costs have risen due to inflation or material rise in other costs, unless the client has paid in full.
    2. The client or his/her representative shall pay Seven Integration in accordance with the terms detailed on the agreed estimate. In the event of late payment by the client, Seven Integration reserves the right to levy a simple interest charge equivalent to 8% above the annual base rate. Also, to require payments in advance of carrying out any further work under the terms of the contract. Seven Integration will add any costs incurred in the pursuit of payment of outstanding debt which it is agreed will be recoverable by Seven Integration.
    3. Seven Integration reserves the right to charge additionally for any work not detailed in the agreed specification.
    4. The client or his/her representative shall pay Seven Integration in accordance with any changes from the agreed specification. Please see section ‘3. Change Order Process’ for more information.
    5. Payment schedule, unless otherwise specified in writing by Seven Integration is:
      1. 10% initial to release documentation and cables for 1st fix
      2. 70% minimum 8 weeks prior to hardware being required on site
      3. 15% Substantial completion
      4. 5% Final sign-off
    6. Until payment is received in full, all goods and/or services, including programming and system configuration provided by Seven Integration, remain the property and intellectual property of Seven Integration.