VAT cut on heating controls

Energy efficiency and reducing the amount of power we use in our homes is a key driver for the Government’s targets on reducing our carbon emissions. HMRC is now offering reduced VAT, down to a rate of 5%, on the supply and installation of home heating controls making it far more affordable to have this technology included in a home build project. The initiative covers central heating and hot water system controls such as the motorised valve controls we featured in a post here as well as manual or electronic timers and thermostats.

Controlling our heating is just one part of the mix when it comes to reducing our energy usage but it is something that can easily be integrated into a home automation system and now is much more affordable.

Further details can be found  included in the Energy Saving Materials notice 708/6 on the HMRC website

Is it now just a matter of time before we see similar cuts for lighting control, and dare I say it – home automation? A lot of what we do includes an element of energy efficiency, whether it’s an “all off” button on a control panel or power management in system core racks to enable us to reduce the quiescent energy consumption of homes.