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As many people are returning to their record collections or taking a nostalgic trip through the tracks of their years, the 2 channel stereo system is making a return to homes. A single high quality music system in a room just for listening and enjoying the memories and emotions that music evokes has once again become the must-have of any whole home solution. To hear what a great sounding system is like, get in touch and arrange a demonstration.

Seven Integration are authorised Devialet partners and can demonstrate the amazing product range which reviewers seem to be unanimously falling in love with. We are also a long standing Meridian Audio dealer and can demonstrate how easy it is to use their Sooloos music interface and great their products sound.

Seven Integration are Linn Klilmax level dealers and are trained and authorised Linn Sondek LP12 dealers. Matt owns and loves his own LP12.  He will care for yours with as much dedication as he does his own turntable when it comes to servicing, upgrades and getting the very best performance possible from your Linn LP12.  The Linn DS range will change not only how you listen to music but the the soundtracks to movies and games too, making everything sound better.

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