Samsung’s awesome 85″ S9 UHD LED TV

As smart TV’s go this is as smart as they get, but that is not all that is fabulous about this latest offering from Samsung. The 85″ Samsung S9 LED UHD TV reproduce stunning pictures – as it should with 4x the detail of standard HD – a whopping 3820×2160 resolution compared to 1920×1080 for “standard” HD – and at 85″ it is also currently the largest Ultra High Definition screen in the world.

Of course being UHD is no good unless you have UHD programming to watch on it. Well those super smart guys at Samsung have thought of that and have developed an up-scaling engine that will convert HD signals up to UHD. The screen is also to some extent a protect investment as Samsung claim they can re-engineer the screen without having to replace it, in case broadcasting standards take an unexpected turn!

Of course a TV this smart has all the apps and widgets that you expect to see on modern TV’s and also features Samsung’s own S-Recommendation to replace a traditional TV Guide list. This will suggest programming to you dependent on your preferences and, although still quite a new feature, it virtually replaces the need to scroll through hundreds of channel listings trying to find something you might like to watch. Control is done almost entirely through voice and gesture, even taking charge of all those apps.

Now, all the above is great but really, just take a look at this screen. Why wouldn’t you want this in your living room?