My music is like a Facebook friend

How would you describe your relationship with your music collection. Back in the day if you wanted to listen to an album you would travel into your local town centre and visit the record store of choice, take your purchase home and undoubtedly want to listen to it straight away. Nowadays wherever I am I can pick up my iPhone, launch Napster and listen to virtually whatever I like immediately and just as immediately move on to something else. My music has become like a Facebook friend – easy come, easy go.

This got the team at Seven Integration talking about the relationship between the time investment put in to getting the album and the time investment listening to it. As music becomes easier to listen to so it becomes easier to drop. The music on Napster has had very little time investment, virtually no financial investment and so I have no reason to spend time listening to it. Maybe this has something to do with why the new generation of music listeners are less concerned with the quality of what they are listening too. There is no expectation of a return.

Perhaps if they had spent nearly a week waiting for Saturday so that they could head into town, spend the price of an album as well as the further time investment getting the bus there and back – just maybe they might be more inclined to want the best from their purchase and spend the time listening to, and enjoying the music. And perhaps then they would start to appreciate the benefits of a quality hi-fi system. We can hope.

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