Whole Home Automation, Surrey

A basement is the perfect environment for a home cinema installation with no windows to have to worry about light leakage and good solid walls to help the acoustics.
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Seven Integration were brought in on the project early in order to be involved with the consultation phases for the design of the refurbishment and new areas of this Surrey house. Consequently we were able to specify the size of the cinema room, a comms room with all the necessary ventilation as well as automation control and user interfaces in the living area of the home.

Music distribution


The cinema is certainly an example of the whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts. The lighting, sound and vision all working in harmony to create a sublime movie viewing experience.

JVC projector with anamorphic lens, Linn Accurate powered soundstage, and superb Linn quality audio throughout the rest of the house.

Tv area


A basement cinema with curved screen in 235:1 aspect ration to allow movies to take on their true format

home cinema in basement rear