Planning home technology into your new home.

As an architect you would hope that the homes you are designing are going to be around a lot longer than the 10 year NHBC certificate that it comes with! But in terms of technology, are they going to be relevant for that long? If we just go back ten years, the past decade has seen the rapid growth of the internet, a technology adopted far faster than any comparable technology, including the wireless radio and television. The iphone hadn’t been invented and most of us were probably still listening to CDs. The use of email, smart phones, tablets and an app for everything has changed the lives of many and some would argue not necessarily for the better.

People are spending more time at home with their friends and family. Many commuters who are frustrated by constant transport problems are now working from home rather than travelling to the office every day. So, as people are investing more into the design their homes / houses / apartments, control over their domestic environment whether that be the audio visual system, lighting, heating and cooling, or security becomes a challenge.

Perhaps most importantly, we all need to work responsibly to safeguard the world’s resources and provide a better future for the coming generations.

All of these factors demand more and more from a home’s infrastructure and emphasises the need for professionals to be involved in the planning and design stages. Where can you go for advice when you need it? Where can you go to get honest feedback on your ideas and cutting edge input to your design? As a CEDIA member (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) Seven Integration are perfectly placed to guide you through the integration and installation of technology to your home. Integrating the subsystems in a home is where the magic happens so you have one controller for everything, the on screen display looks the same whether you are using a wall mounted touch panel, iPad or Android Smart Phone, they all look the same and work the same. One app, one user interface and one button to perform any number of tasks.

It’s never too early in the design and planning phase of a project to have a chat with us. The earlier we are involved, the better the end solution will be.