A Summer Garden Essential

There is a lot of talk in the world of home construction and design about bringing the outside – in, but what about bringing the inside – out? Here are some ideas for getting music in your garden, just in case we get a weekend of sunshine this summer!

Outdoor speakers are not a new thing but how they are positioned has changed over the years. The easy option (once you have progressed from a stand-alone radio) is wall mounted speakers like the B&W AM-1 Bowers & Wilkins have had a long relationship with wall mounted, weather proof speakers and the AM-1 is an evolution of their WM range now offering much improved performance as well as aesthetics. The problem with them is that they are mounted on your wall, which is fine if you have a dedicated seating area in your garden, but if you wonder away from that area to do a bit of weeding for example you need to keep turning them up to be able to hear them. Then when you return to your seating area your music is too loud.

 Rock Speakers: A much better option for those with large gardens, and to be fair you could do this with the B&W’s, is to spread the sound around your landscape. Rock style speakers are quite a favourite and many manufacturers make them. We have used Niles and Sonance in the past where the aesthetics has been the primary directive. Unfortunately, they rarely make convincing rocks or good speakers! But, you will get a good spread of sound, distributing your audio evenly and with “Rock subwoofers” now available you can reproduce acceptable performance.

At our family open day last year (and they will be at our open day this year on 1st June) we showed a great outdoor speaker product from Sonance called the Landscape Series – a series of satellite speakers with an occasional subwoofer that gets sunk into the ground. The satelites are small enough to be relatively inconspicuous and don’t try to be something they are not and the mushroom design of the subwoofers is a great idea.

If you entertain a lot in the garden then the Sonance Landscape Series is a great solution, but however you use your outside space there is a speaker product that will suit you. Contact us for a chat about your requirements.