We want better quality sound!

Music plays a central part in our lives and for many of us we feel it defines who we are. You only need sit on a tube train, in a traffic jam or exercise in a gym to see people listening to music. But why is it we feel the need to spend so much time listening to music? Many would say it helps calm them, makes them feel happy or energised – music has been proven to change our moods. The soundtrack to your life is built as you experience sadness and joy, life changing moments and keys events.

This love and need for our favourite tracks to be available anywhere, at any time demands higher and higher expectations of the technology that delivers it. In a recent survey two-thirds of those surveyed said they wanted systems that could centrally control what music is streamed to different rooms in the house using a smart device and required their speakers to link to portable devices or TV’s.

In the same survey by CSR ( seven in ten said they would listen to music more often if they could easily control it and direct it to any room in the house and a third are planning to buy a multi-room music system in the next year or two.

Of course, with our background in music systems you would expect us to embrace these findings. But what is more important is that home builders and home designers start to take notice and give more attention to integrating systems into homes and offering control systems that are able to work between people’s favourite brands and smart devices. Audio consumers want their devices to be interoperable so that existing systems can be easily upgraded and added too.

Connectivity and control are important issues for music buyers, but overwhelmingly what is most important is the sound quality. In the same CSR survey 82% of respondents describe sound quality as critical when making a purchase and 77% stating they would like better quality sound at home. It’s easy to consider a pair of in-ceiling speakers as a “job done”, but has a proper back box been fitted and is the speaker really good enough for the job?

Talking to a specialist like Seven Integration means you are able to draw on decades of experience and knowledge. It is our jobs to be well informed about new trends, new technology and new attitudes so that we can provide you with the best solution to meet your needs, wants and desires, whether you are a developer wanting to offer functionality and features or a music lover wanting the very best money can buy!