Installing Linn music systems into London & Surrey homes for 10 years.

It’s all about music and the love we have for it.

When it comes to music, you can’t beat a dedicated system from Linn. Computers are brilliant for lots of things, but creating great sound isn’t one of them. A Linn system is designed to do one thing exceptionally well: play music. It’s no surprise that a Linn hifi system properly installed into your London or Surrey home by specialist trained Seven Integration technicians makes you want to listen to more music and gets you excited about new artists again. Spend more time listening to great music, not fighting with technology. 

Everything bearing the Linn name is designed in-house. They manage all the production processes, from casting metal cases to creating advanced electronic circuits. Linn speakers are built in the workshop, their systems are assembled by hand and everything is individually tested before it’s packed for despatch.

Linn don’t run a standard production line. Each product is built, tested and packaged by one person. They take all the time they need to make sure that product meets the Linn standard. Only then, do they sign their name on it and prepare it for despatch. Every Linn system is signed off in this way. It is a mark of their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, passion for music and their pride in what they do.

Linn DS

Music systems don’t get more extraordinary than this. Forty years in the making, Linn’s digital music player combines their engineering prowess and passion for music with all the advantages of modern computing. Linn DS plays all your music files, streaming content from any hard drive in your home or any online source. Browse your entire music collection and create playlists using the latest tablet or phone.

It’s not just about music. Put Linn DS at the heart of your home entertainment and get better sound from your movies, games, TV shows, internet radio and podcasts. Stunning soundtracks, special effects and crisp dialogue— it’s not just music that sounds better with Linn.

We have a Linn Klimax and Akurate DS system permanently set up in one of our Surrey demonstration rooms with Akubarik speakers. Come and have a listen and fall in love with your favourite tracks all over again.

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