2 Channels of Linn Amplification FREE!

Yes, Linn’s 2011 “+2” promotion is back for 2012.

Last year Linn wanted to encourage their customers to go “Aktiv” with their Linn systems and so ran a promotion call the +2 promotion. Essentially if you buy a Linn power amplifier from Seven Integration  between 1st July and 14th September you get an extra 2 channels completely free. So:

Option 1

Akurate 4200 for the price of Akurate 2200

Majik 6100 for the price of a Majik 4100

Majik 5100 for the price of a Majik 3100

Majik 4100 for the price of a Majik 2100

Or, if you wish you can choose option 2 which give you FREE Aktiv cards when you purchase the power amp(s) required to make their system fully Aktiv.

With this additional FREE amplification you get new possibilities to improve your system’s performance. If you are buying a Linn amplifier for the first time, you will get the benefit of bi-amping straight away, as well as being closer to the nirvana that is a fully Aktiv Linn system. If you already have Linn speakers and amplification then you should be able to make your system Aktiv – a huge upgrade in sound performance.

The Benefits:

A single speaker is made up of one or more drive units. One channel of amplification can supply enough power to make the speaker work but by adding more power through additional channels combined together (bi-amping, tri-amping etc) you allow the speaker to be driven more efficiently, reducing distortion and increasing separation between high and low frequencies. It’s an easy first step to upgrading your music system.

If you want to go further, transform your Linn system to a Linn Akitv system. The improvement in performance is an absolute step change. Having an Aktiv system means that each drive unit in each speaker cabinet have a dedicated Aktiv filter to send the correct frequencies to that drive unit (bass, mid, tweeter etc) and is driven by it’s own dedicated amplifier. A Linn Aktiv music system will give you improved timing and control as well as lower distortion across the entire frequency range. The sound becomes more open and free.

We are happy to demonstrate the benefits of going Aktiv, just give us a call to book a demonstration.

+2 Promotion Terms & Conditions:

1. The offer runs from 1st July 2012 to 14th September 2012 inclusive. Only orders placed during this period will qualify.
2. Customers purchasing a power amplifier from the Majik or Akurate ranges can choose one of the following two options:
a. Purchase a power amplifier with an additional two channels provided free of charge. The models available on this offer are:
i. Majik 4100 for the price of Majik 2100
ii. Majik 5100 for the price of Majik 3100
iii. Majik 6100 for the price of Majik 4100
iv. Akurate 4200 for the price of Akurate 2200


b. Receive a set of Linn Aktiv cards free of charge.
Customers are entitled to claim one complete set of Aktiv cards to convert one pair of Linn loudspeakers to Aktiv operation, upon the purchase of at  least one Linn power amplifier. Amplifiers included in this offer are: Majik 2100, Majik 3100, Majik 4100, Majik 5100, Majik 6100, Akurate 2200, Akurate 3200, and Akurate 4200.

3. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

4. There is no limit to the number of amplifiers that can be purchased as part of the offer.

This promotion is being run by Linn Products Ltd (‘Linn’), Glasgow Road, Waterfoot, Eaglesham, Glasgow, G76 0EQ, UK. Registered Company Number: SC 52366