Linn Akurate DS & Klimax DS promotion

Our fantastic Renew DS offer ends soon –  don’t miss this great opportunity to improve and expand your system.

Last orders will be taken on Tuesday 19th February 2013. However, during this limited period, we’re also taking orders for Renew DS for Klimax DS owners.

Renew DS lets DS owners upgrade their system with the latest performance audio board and instantly get a second DS player by recycling their old board into Renew DS.

Having a second DS player means you can take you first step into multiroom music and enjoy the full benefits of Songcast. As well as listening to anything you can play on your computer through your Linn, you’ll now be able to share anything you listen to on your Linn system with your other system in a different room, without sacrificing quality.

The Renew DS upgrade package comprises:
• a new audio board which fits into the your existing DS player
• a Renew DS enclosure with power supply, into which your old DS audio board fits

The latest performance audio board* features:
• new lower jitter master clock
• improved DAC power supply and layout
• new lower distortion output circuits

Orders for Klimax and Akurate Renew DS can be taken between now and 19th February 2013

* The latest Klimax DS audio board was introduced in April 2011, while the Akurate DS audio board was introduced in November 2010.