Kaleidescape Cinema One

For those that have been woo’d by the lure of a Kaleidescape movie server but have fallen off their chair at the cost of such a system, they can now return to the comfort of their seat and consider the Kaleidescape Cinema One.

The Cinema One is an all-in-one movie server – as you would expect from Kaleidescape, and can store up 600 DVD quality or 100 Blu-ray disks giving the ability to instantly play your movie without any previews, menus or advertising.  You can browse your collection through the user interface that has become synonymous with such servers, have movies presented by genre, director or actor and expand your system by adding a second Cinema One allowing distributed video to other zones.

If physical media is not your thing then Kaleidescape’s Movie Store is available to download Blu-ray quality(both audio and video track) movies direct to your hard drive. The UK price for a Cinema One is just £3295 which we reckon is a much easier-to-swallow entry point to the world of Kaleidescape. We have our demonstration product on order, if you want to see it in action then call us to arrange a visit to our Surrey Studio.

Visit the Kaleidescape Cinema One website here and the Movie Store here