CEDIA-CPDThe team at Seven Integration are all committed to helping those involved with the design and build of residential property. We work with specifiers and construction professionals to help home owners get the most from their homes so they benefit from what technology has to offer. We’ve moved a long way from a TV socket in the corner of a room and telephone in the hall and now a reliable, robust network is the back bone of any modern home.

Designing integrated, future-ready homes is a RIBA and BIID accredited CPD presentation that will give you the basic knowledge you need to talk confidently to a client about home technology. It will help build your vocabulary and allow you to explain the benefits of different systems as well as some “best practice” guidelines.

The presentation takes an hour and then there will be time to discuss any questions you have or look at specific projects that you may need help or advice with. For smaller practices we also arrange “group” CPD sessions where several practices come to a location hosted by Seven Integration. Sometimes these will even have other trainers offering other CPD’s. Please contact us for information on these events.

If you would like us to come and present to you, please get in touch: or call 0300 124 5080