Airplay to any stereo for less than £100

Before you go out and spend several hundred pounds on a new shiny unit with the all important “Airplay” printed on the box, consider this option:

An Apple Airport Express Base (approx £78) can be configured easily to join your wifi network and receive an airplay stream. It has a 3.5mm analog/optical audio output suitable for a 3.5mm setereo to stereo phone lead or, a 3.5mm optical lead. Now you need to look and see what connections you have available on your stereo / amplifier / AV receiver.  The ideal is a toslink input but the most common will be a 2 x RCA (phono) stereo input. You can connect your Airport Express directly to you amplifier’s inputs with your analog cable (3.5mm jack to 2 x RCA) or optical cable (3.5mm optical to toslink cable). You can pick both of these cables up for a few pounds off the internet.

If your Airport Express is configured correctly (it’s really easy to do) then it will flash amber for a while and then go solid green. If your IOS device is on your network then you should see the airplay icon and be able to Airplay music through you hifi.

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