10 years of installing the finest music, home cinema and home control systems: Part 1

Wow! It’s hard to believe that it was 10 years ago that Audio7 began. In that time we’ve seen some changes, but through it all we have continued to design and install systems that remain true to our initials values of satisfying the brief, exceeding expectations and not just customer care but genuinely caring about our customers.

Multi-room music

The way we listen to music in the home has changed dramatically since 2003. Back then the iPod was just a couple of years old and only just starting to make an impact. Overwhelmingly people listened to music through CD’s bought in their high street shop whereas now our music is as likely to come from online sources such as Spotify and Napster. Multiroom music systems are no longer solely for the rich and famous. Consumer focused products such as Sonos have allowed more people to enjoy music distributed throughout the home and new wireless streaming technologies have allowed new ways of listening to our music such as Airplay – now featured in many products such as B&W’s A5 and A7.

With this ease of availability people are starting to fall in love with their music again and requesting better quality downloads. Linn Records along with Linn Products have been at least partly responsible for maintaining high quality music formats through a time when most were dumbing down the “resolution” of music files in a classic case of quantity over quality. Studio Master downloads from Linn Records allow listeners to enjoy their music just how the artist  intended. Linn’s DS range of hardware – Klimax DS, Akurate DS and Majik DS have replaced the CD players we were selling 10 years ago and offer features such as Airplay and internet radio.

If quality music is important to you, then why not contact us today for a chat, or even book an appointment to visit us at our demo studio in Ockley, Surrey.